Cleric of Ilmater


Since the first mortals gazed in wonder at the Heavens, the Gods have battled for supremacy of them. Their machinations and power struggles have seen the very land sundered beneath them. Any mortal who challenges them, and is not instantly obliterated, may Ascend to that order and join the seething chaos of their War. Not one mortal has ever brought peace to the realms of Gods or mortals. Until now…

Philosopher, Scholar, Warrior, Diplomat. Halemar is the Light in a world of darkness. Sought by beggars and kings, he dispenses wisdom and authority with the grace of Ilmater himself. He rules as justly with the sceptre as with the sword. He has carried his companions from the deepest darkness and risen them to greatness, and through them his will is manifest.

Some say Halemar’s coming is Fate, or that he is a harbinger of some greater destiny for these realms. Whatever the case, his Ascent is as swift as the Winter wind, as colossal as the highest mountains, and as certain as the sunrise.


A Classic Adventure Halemar