A Classic Adventure

Evil Measel of Doom

Pest control wasn't what I signed up for

Day 1
After a good deal of getting lost brave adventuring I finally wound up in the cosy little village the locals call Raas Rass Wrash Rashtang. It doesn’t have much going for it to be honest, just a few little pubs and shops and houses really. I’ll probably just move through it like a shadow, hehe, like all the rest. There must be somewhere with some good adventuring going on, something that befits my new name and life. I’m getting hungry, perhaps I’ll spend a bit of the coin that nice sleeping merchant left carelessly lying around. I’ll check out one of the taverns

Day 2
Well who’d have thought, this little town has a problem worthy of my skills. I bet I’ll get the hand of the princess…or whatever the small village equivalent of a princess is…probably the mayor’s daughter. Met some other adventurers, they seem ok, ones a bit smelly and talks funny, and there’s a half orc, and some sort of priest or something? Anyway, I guess I’ll practise my Fine Arts on them just like everyone else, they’ll probably not survive long, non of them look anything like as cool or brave as me.

Day 4
p. I’m not sure how adventuring is supposed to work but I’m pretty sure it’s not like this! This village is tiny and somewhere in here has to be the stupid creature that’s rampaging at night. I swear I’m this close to just setting fire to all the buildings just so I can get my reward, which apparently isn’t the mayor’s daughter. How hard can it be to find a stupid monster hideout, they’re supposed to be really dumb aren’t they should stick out like a sore thumb!

Day 4 the one after 4
We found it! We’re so amazing I think they may build a statue to celebrate our great victory. We eventually found the creatures lair down the well, I knew we should have gone down there, and came across some pretty fearsome things. There were giant spiders and weird things with glowy bits. The worst bit was this crazy huge frog, I thought it was gonna eat us but we managed to take it out with a bit of help from a local called Jake. I think we’d have been fine but everyone else seems to think we needed the help, whatever I’ll just pickpocket Jake later to show him who’s coolest around here. The frog was down the wrong passage afterall so we didn’t really need to fight it, woops!
Finally, the measel’s cave. Kinda damp and smelly, I’m not sure why it lives down here when there’s perfectly good houses on the surface. We really kicked its butt, The others took it head on, with Yorah trying to shoot Halemar from behind, great practical joke in my opinion, even if stuck up Halemar doesn’t see it. I flanked the measel and its buddies and we all managed to pull off some sweet kills. Vardok is being weird, he keeps slicing odd bits off the creatures we kill and popping them in his bag, is he gonna eat them or something? The measel must have liked shiny things as its got a bunch of gold and a really sexy dagger, obviously I got the dagger as reward for being the most good looking here.

Perhaps I’ll stick around with these other adventurers for a bit, at least until I can find someone to train me in some more skills so I can begin to track down my mother. Seems like perhaps there may be some creatures out there I might not be able to handle on my own quite yet too. They seem like ok types, could liven up a bit though. At least it looks like we’ve got the scent of another adventure we can go on near here.



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